uTrade Algos

What will be the subscription charges on uTrade Algos?

uTrade Algos offers simple and flexible algo trading plans for users. You can choose from the Beginner Plan, Pro Plan, Wizard, or Expert, each of which has different features and usage thresholds. Additionally, you can opt for the 15-day free trial plan, which doesn’t require any credit card or commitment. Here are more details about each of the plans and their subscription charges:

  • How to Subscribe: After signing up, access the ‘Upgrade Plan’ tab in the accounts section to view available plans. Select the desired plan and subscribe using UPI or debit/credit cards.
  • Payment Methods: Activate your subscription using different payment options:
    • UPI: Provide your VPA (UPI ID) and approve the mandate request on your payment app.
    • Cards: Choose ‘Stripe’ as the payment option, input your credit card details, and complete the payment process.
  • Subscription Fee Terms: The subscription fee is non-refundable, payable in advance for the specified period. No refunds are provided for terminations before the subscription period ends. uTrade Algos reserves the right to modify or introduce new fees, effective upon notice. Violating terms may result in suspension or termination without refunds. By subscribing, users acknowledge the non-refundable nature of the fee and waive any claims for refunds against uTrade Algos for any reason, including dissatisfaction or market changes.
  • Upgrade or Downgrade Plans: Navigate to ‘My Profile’ on the platform to manage subscription plans. For downgrading, select ‘Upgrade Subscription’, then choose a lower tier subscription and click ‘Downgrade’. For upgrading, select ‘Upgrade Subscription’, choose a higher tier, and click ‘Upgrade’.
  • Auto-Renewal vs Manual Reactivation: Subscribers can opt for auto-renewal or manually reactivate their subscription. Know more about how you will be charged for this here. (Link with the answer: Will my subscription be auto-charged every month?)