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    A super-fast algorithmic trading platform that let’s you plan, strategise and automate your trades as well as execute them within milliseconds is here!

    uTrade Algos


    uTrade Algos


    uTrade Algos


    uTrade Algos


    From beginners to seasoned traders

    uTrade Algos has something for everyone

    uTrade Originals

    Algorithms built by industry experts are  available on a single click with uTrade Originals. Just pick a strategy that aligns with your algo trading objectives and subscribe to it.

    Integrated margin calculators

    Stay on top of your strategy’s margin requirements in real time for efficient adjustments and stronger risk management in volatile markets.

    Pre-made strategy forms

    Effortlessly craft versatile multi-leg strategies in seconds with our pre-defined strategies for different market conditions, ensuring your readiness for any market challenge.

    Step into the new and confident world of


    Integrated Margin Calculator

    uTrade Originals Expert-built algos at your fingertips!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    On uTrade Algos, beginners can initiate their journey by subscribing to pre-designed algorithms crafted by industry experts, known as uTrade Originals. Meanwhile, experienced traders can leverage our intuitive, no-code order form to build their customised algorithm-enabled portfolios. Our platform boasts an array of features, including robust risk management tools, pre-made strategy templates, a payoff analysis tool, an options chain, and additional functionalities tailored to cater to diverse trading needs.

    You can register with uTrade Algos and commence trading immediately. However, it’s crucial to link your Share India trading account with us as it’s a necessary step to facilitate your live market trading activities. Existing customers can click here How can you log in on uTrade Algos if you are an existing customer? to learn more about the login process, while new customers can click here How can you log in on uTrade Algos if you are a new user? to access detailed information about login details.

    uTrade Algos provides a wide spectrum of flexibility, allowing you to design strategies ranging from single-leg approaches to intricate portfolios comprising up to five strategies, each containing up to six legs What is a leg?. Whether you’re a complete beginner exploring pre-designed options by industry experts or someone keen on crafting your own strategies, our platform caters to your needs. Embrace simplicity with pre-built options or dive into the realm of customisation Can I customise a strategy on uTrade Algos? effortlessly, unleashing your trading potential with ease and versatility.

    uTrade Algos proudly presents uTrade Originals, a curated selection of expertly crafted algorithms by industry veterans, offering invaluable market insights available for immediate subscription on the platform. With just a click, subscribers gain access to these algorithms, empowering both seasoned traders and beginners to leverage the potential of algo trading.

    A margin calculator serves as a financial instrument utilised to compute and evaluate various aspects of margin trading. Margin trading involves investors borrowing funds to trade financial assets, aiming to magnify potential gains. This strategy enables traders to control larger positions than they could with their own capital alone. However, it also exposes them to increased risk since losses might surpass the initial investment.

    Traditionally, algorithmic trading has remained within the domain of major institutions due to the complexities involved and the substantial resources required for implementation. uTrade Algos has changed this landscape by democratising access to sophisticated trading features that were previously exclusive to institutions. This accessibility has empowered individuals from diverse backgrounds to leverage advanced tools and strategies, enabling them to engage in trading activities with the precision and efficiency characteristic of institutional traders.