uTrade Algos

Do I need to know coding for algo trading?

You don’t need to know coding to engage in algo trading on uTrade Algos. While having coding skills can be beneficial for creating and customising complex trading functions, our platform is designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their programming knowledge.

uTrade Algos features a user-friendly interface with simple, easy-to-use features that do not require any coding. For those who prefer ready-to-go solutions, we offer pre-built strategies and uTrade Originals that can be deployed with just one click. These tools allow traders to leverage algorithmic trading without needing to write any code.

That said, learning basic programming can enhance your ability to fine-tune and customise strategies to better suit your trading needs and goals. However, it is not a requirement to successfully use uTrade Algos, as the platform is built to accommodate both novice traders and those with more technical expertise.