uTrade Algos

How can I calculate my margin?

On the uTrade Algos platform, the ‘Margin Required’ field in a predefined strategy indicates the margin that will be deducted from your broker account. For a detailed understanding and various margin types, utilise our Margin Calculator feature.

For uTrade Originals, our collection of expert-backed strategies, the margin is specified on the strategy card.

Advanced order form-created strategies feature a margin calculator button for quick access.

Please remember that if you’re short on margin funds, you won’t be able to deploy any strategies. Every strategy, custom or predefined, has a minimum margin requirement. Insufficient margin allocation prevents trade execution.

To know more about the minimum margin that is required to deploy a strategy click here. What is the minimum margin required to deploy a strategy?

Did you know that a margin calculator is a tool used in financial markets to compute the required margin for a trade or investment? It determines the amount of funds needed to open or maintain a position based on various factors such as the asset’s price, position size, leverage, and prevailing margin requirements set by the broker or exchange. Traders utilise margin calculators to assess the potential costs and obligations associated with their trades, enabling them to manage their positions more effectively and ensure they have adequate funds to cover the margin requirements. This tool assists traders in making informed decisions about position sizing and risk management in their trading activities.