uTrade Algos

How can I deploy a pre-made strategy on uTrade Algos?

uTrade Algos is proud to introduce uTrade Originals, a curated selection of pre-built algos crafted by industry experts with extensive research to aid your trading decisions. There are multiple uTrade Originals strategies available on uTrade Algos, each tailored to specific market conditions, risk levels, and margin requirements.

To deploy a strategy, follow these steps:

  • Click on any strategy to delve deeper into its details, including its performance under various market scenarios, margin necessities, and more.
  • Subscribe to the strategy that aligns with your market perspective by clicking on ‘Subscribe’ and then clicking on the ‘Deploy’ button to initiate it.
  • A dialogue box will prompt you with the strategy’s parameters; review them carefully and proceed by clicking ‘Proceed’.
  • Your chosen strategy is now successfully deployed and ready for use in your trading activities!

Your uTrade Algos homepage will also reflect the strategies that you have deployed and their performance for easier access and viewing.