uTrade Algos

How can I log into uTrade Algos as an existing user?

uTrade Algos is a specialised single broker platform optimised to work seamlessly with Share India’s risk management systems, focusing on high speed and efficiency. To engage in trading on uTrade Algos, a subscription package and a Share India demat account are prerequisites. Upon creating an account, it is necessary to link it with Share India as the preferred broker Do I need to have a Share India account to access uTrade Algos?

As an existing customer, you can log into your account through the Login tab on the upper right corner of the website. Once you click on the button, you will be prompted to sign into your Share India account to actively trade through your uTrade Algos account. Should you click on the ‘Sign in as Guest’ option, you will only be able to access the platform in a limited capacity.

If you are new to uTrade Algos and want to understand how to navigate the platform, we have plenty of resources for you. Check them out here Link to YT playlist.