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How many strategies can I deploy in a day? Is there any limit to the number of strategies used per day?

The number of deployable strategies relies entirely on the subscribed plan. Here is a list detailing the plans and their respective cap on the number of strategies available for deployment in a day.

Name of the PlanDaily Maximum Deployable Strategies

Did you know that deploying multiple strategies in trading can offer several advantages?

  • Diversification: Using a variety of strategies allows for spreading risk across different market conditions, reducing the impact of losses from a single strategy.
  • Adaptability: Different strategies may perform better under varying market circumstances. Deploying multiple strategies allows for adaptation to changing market conditions.
  • Enhanced Opportunities: With more strategies in place, there’s a higher likelihood of capturing various trading opportunities across different assets or market movements.
  • Risk Management: By employing multiple strategies, traders can manage risk more effectively by not relying on a single approach, thus minimising the impact of potential losses.
  • Skill Development: Implementing various strategies provides an opportunity for traders to learn and refine their skills across different trading methodologies and approaches.

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