uTrade Algos

How will I know which uTrade Algos strategy should be applied and when?

Understanding the nature of each uTrade Algos strategy and its ideal market conditions is crucial before deploying it in live markets. Clicking on any strategy card provides detailed insights about the strategy and the scenarios in which it performs optimally.

The uTrade Algos platform also offers a diverse array of expert-backed strategies, called uTrade Originals, which cater to the needs of both seasoned traders and beginners. Gone are the days of exhaustive market analysis. All you need to do is subscribe to a strategy aligning with your goals, and our powerful algorithms take the helm. Different market conditions necessitate different approaches, and uTrade Originals Strategies comprehends this diversity. So, whether you’re seeking to fine-tune your existing strategies or initiate your trading journey, our expert-curated collection provides comprehensive coverage. Seize the opportunity to claim your 7-day free trial on our web and mobile app.

What is an algo strategy?

An algo strategy is a predefined set of rules and instructions programmed into an algorithm or software to automate trading decisions. These strategies are designed to execute trades based on specific market conditions, technical indicators, price movements, or fundamental data. Algo strategies aim to capitalise on opportunities or manage risks in financial markets without requiring constant manual intervention.