uTrade Algos

On uTrade Algos, can I create my own strategy?

Certainly! You have the complete freedom to craft your own strategy using our Custom Order Form feature. You can also use the various pre-built algos on uTrade Algos and customise them to your liking to align them with your strategy.

uTrade Algos and Share India maintain strict confidentiality regarding user-created customised strategies. These strategies are not disclosed to any third parties or utilised by uTrade Algos or Share India for their own gain. Your custom strategies are securely safeguarded and kept confidential within our system.

To begin crafting your unique strategy, explore our tutorial video demonstrating how to create strategies using the Custom Order Form.  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa30M1TjO-hui9s1cEQiEcu6k_SfuzRbh