uTrade Algos

What are all the pre-defined strategies that I can deploy?

We’ve incorporated a number of strategies so that you are equipped with a strategy in various market conditions. Some popular options strategies you can create are:

  • Bull/ Bear Call Spread
  • Bull/ Bear Put Spread
  • Straddle and Strangles
  • Long/Short Butterfly
  • Iron Condor
  • Straddle
  • Strangle

There are and many more!

With the option for personalised adjustments, the potential to craft novel strategies to outperform the market is virtually boundless! Hence, keep exploring various approaches, and keep in mind the following sequential steps:

Formulate a strategy logic → Backtest → Paper trade → Establish risk management → Implement in live market → Consistently refine strategies by scrutinising outcomes generated at each stage to enhance their effectiveness.