uTrade Algos

What are deployed strategies?

Deployed strategies refer to those that have been activated and are currently live in the market, executing trades based on predefined conditions. While users can create, save, or subscribe to various strategies, these strategies remain inactive until the user decides to activate them by deploying or running them in the live market. For this, on the uTrade Algos platform, you need to press the Deploy button.

Once deployed, these strategies continuously monitor market conditions and automatically execute trades according to the set criteria or conditions. They can encompass various legs or conditions, such as entry, repair, and exit conditions, which have been activated for real-time trading. To know how much capital is needed to deploy a strategy click here. How much capital is required to deploy a strategy?

These strategies remain in operation until manually deactivated or until the specified conditions are met, leading to the automatic closure of positions. The performance of these strategies, whether generating profits or losses, is observable in real-time as they engage with the market.

It’s crucial for traders to monitor their deployed strategies regularly, adjusting or deactivating them as needed based on market conditions, risk tolerance, or changes in their trading objectives.