uTrade Algos

What are the pre-defined strategies that can I deploy on uTrade Algos?

Predefined strategies are formulated based on extensive market knowledge, technical analysis, and experience in trading various market conditions. They are pre-configured, ready-to-use trading strategies that come with pre-set parameters, including specific entry and exit conditions, option types, strike prices, and expiration dates.

uTrade Originals are established trading strategies created by experts at uTrade Algos. These encompass a variety of popular and proven options strategies such as:

  • Bull/Bear Call Spreads
  • Bull/Bear Put Spreads
  • Straddles and Strangles
  • Long/Short Butterflies
  • Iron Condors

These strategies are designed to cater to different market scenarios and risk appetites, providing users with a selection of tried-and-tested methods to engage with the market effectively.

The advantage of predefined strategies lies in their accessibility and ease of use. Traders can readily deploy these strategies without needing to create complex configurations from scratch. Additionally, users have the flexibility to modify these strategies based on their preferences or market outlook while benefiting from the core logic developed by trading experts.

By utilising uTrade Originals, traders can efficiently implement diverse options strategies, optimise their trading activities, and gain insights into successful trading practices, all within the uTrade Algos platform.

But, always remember that continual improvement is crucial in the world of trading.

  • Start by formulating a clear strategy logic, then proceed to backtest it rigorously.
  • Practice paper trading to simulate real market conditions without financial risk.
  • Set up robust risk management protocols before deploying your strategy in the live market.
  • Analyse the results and performance of your strategy at each stage.
  • Take these insights to refine and enhance your approach continuously.

The process of refining and perfecting your strategy is ongoing and pivotal for success in trading.