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What is the minimum margin required to deploy a strategy?

In trading, margin refers to the collateral, usually in the form of fixed deposits, cash, or securities, that an investor or trader needs to deposit with their broker to open and maintain a trading position.

  • The ‘Margin Required’ field is a crucial indicator, detailing the deducted margin from your broker account, whether you’re crafting a personalised strategy using our Strategy Builder or subscribing to a pre-defined strategy.
  • Utilise the Margin Calculator feature on uTrade Algos to gain a comprehensive understanding of margin calculations and the various types of margins applicable to your trading activities. Each strategy mandates a distinct balance requirement for deployment, and our integrated Margin Calculator aids in monitoring your margin prerequisites, enabling informed decision-making.
  • For uTrade Originals (predefined strategies), the margin specifics are mentioned on the strategy card, facilitating transparency regarding the margin requirements.
  • Advanced order form-created strategies are equipped with a dedicated button for the Margin Calculator, offering a direct means to assess margin needs.

Please remember that insufficient margin will prevent the deployment of strategies, regardless of whether they are custom-made or predefined. Every strategy has a minimum margin prerequisite, essential for executing trades.

Margins can be allocated on uTrade Algos either in the form of cash (or its equivalent) or non-cash securities, ensuring flexible payment options. For additional details, refer here. (Link it with answer: How is the value of securities pledged by me towards my margin obligations determined?)