uTrade Algos

Why Should I Choose uTrade Algos?

uTrade Algos is a revolutionary no-code, seamless algo trading platform to plan, strategise and automate your trades. A platform developed by top fintech companies, uTrade Solutions and Share India, it is trusted by thousands of users. Here are some key features:

  • uTrade Algos provides a series of meticulously crafted strategies, uTrade Originals, devised by industry experts. These strategies are tailored to empower individuals with little or no trading experience to seamlessly engage in the options market with minimal effort.
  • uTrade Algos offer a cost-effective trading platform, ensuring accessibility and affordability for users. This platform optimises trading expenses, providing an efficient means for individuals to participate in the market.
  • The availability of accurate historical data for backtesting strategies up to 2020 enhances the precision of strategy evaluation. This comprehensive historical data allows users to refine and assess strategies with greater confidence.
  • One of the key strengths of the uTrade Algos platform lies in its swift execution speed, enabling prompt and efficient placement of trades. This rapid execution capability enhances user experience by facilitating seamless trading activities.
  • Furthermore, the uTrade Algos platform seamlessly integrates Share India, its proprietary broker, equipped with sophisticated Risk Management Systems (RMS) and Order Management Systems (OMS). This integration streamlines the trading process, providing users with an encompassing trading environment that caters to various functionalities—from risk assessment to trade execution—all within a unified platform.