uTrade Algos

Will my subscription be auto-charged every month?

In order to access features of uTrade Algos, you require a subscription package and a Share India Demat account since it is the exclusive broker. You can find the steps to create your uTrade Algos account here. How can I start algo trading using uTrade Algos?

uTrade Algos offers multiple plans to suit your needs and requirements. You can choose from the Beginner Plan, Pro Plan, Wizard, or Expert as needed. Additionally, if you wish to try the platform, you can opt for the 15-day free trial plan.

To ensure continuity in your usage, you can opt for auto-renewal of your chosen plans, where monthly charges will be automatically deducted from your source. However, should you not opt for auto-renewal, the subscription is not extended automatically, resulting in cancellation by the end of the billing cycle. In this case, you will be required to manually reactivate your subscription each month to continue the service.

Please note that the subscription fees do not include taxes and GST, and they shall vary depending on the subscriber’s place of residence.