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Interactive Payoff Graph

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uTrade Algos has some amazing features, such as Advanced Strategy form,  Fastest backtesting engine, Interactive Payoff Graph, Margin Calculator and a lot more.

Level up your Derivatives Trading experience with uTrade’s proprietary No-code strategy form and single-click deployment.

Not at all! You can start Forward Testing with 0 Capital amount and even without a brokerage account! Try your hand at simulated trading, refine your strategy logics, and when you’re confident – you can choose to trade in the live market – for which both trading account and enough capital would be mandatory to be able to deploy the strategies.

There are various types of algorithms used in Algo Trading, including:

  • Momentum-based algorithms

  • Mean reversion algorithms

  • Statistical arbitrage algorithms

  • Market-making algorithms

  • Volume-weighted average price (VWAP) algorithms

  • Time-weighted average price (TWAP) algorithms

While having programming skills can be beneficial, you don't necessarily need to be an expert programmer to use Algo Trading. Many platforms and libraries offer user-friendly interfaces and visual tools that allow traders to create algorithms without extensive coding knowledge. However, learning programming basics can provide more flexibility and customization options.

Knowledge Centre & Stories of Success

Options trading is a realm replete with potential rewards, offering traders various strategies to capitalise on market movements. However, the complexity inherent in options demands a cautious approach. Unlike other financial instruments, options carry specific nuances such as strike prices, expiration dates, and diverse option types. Navigating this intricate market necessitates a deep comprehension of these aspects, as miscalculations can lead to significant losses. Here are seven common pitfalls to evade for successful call and put option trading.

In algorithmic trading, the importance of risk management cannot be overstated. Algo strategies, while offering speed and precision, are inherently intertwined with risks. Understanding and effectively managing these risks is paramount as it determines the success or failure of such strategies. Here, we explore the pivotal role of risk management in shaping the fate of algo trading strategies.

In trading, the validation and optimisation of strategies are pivotal for success. Backtesting, the process of testing a trading strategy using historical data, is a crucial step in this journey. While both algorithmic and manual testing methods have their merits, algo backtesting holds several advantages over manual testing. Let's find out the specific benefits of utilising algorithmic backtesting for refining trading strategies.