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Shaant Bazaar Ka Raja

Also known as Shaant Bazaar Ka Raja in uTrade Originals. This strategy trades in Bank Nifty weekly options. This is an intraday option selling strategy which sells both Call & Put options. We earn theta decay if the market is range bound. If the market is trending either upside or downside, the strategy becomes directional.

Note: – Trading in this strategy should be avoided on Friday or Event day.

Factor: Auto Straddle

Margin required: Rs. 80,000 for 1X multiplier

Start Time: 09:20 AM

End Time: 3:05 PM 

Execution Days: All Days

Preferable Days: Wednesday and Thursday 

Favourable Conditions:

  • Fall in volatility
  • Range Bound movements 
  • Recommended VIX : 15 to 30

Risk Factors:

  • High Volatility in market with increasing premium
  • No decay in premiums
  • Directional Move with rise in premiums

Default Parameters:

  • Logs: 0,1
  • Net Loss: 1000
  • Net Profit: NA
  • Option Type: Sell Call, Sell Put
  • Order Fill Price: 7
  • Order Lot: 1
  • Order Lot Slice: 20
  • Premium Price: ATM Price
  • Premium Range: NA
  • Stop Loss for each leg: F,M,T-25%, W-35%, TH-15%
  • Strike Depth: ATM
  • Strike Diff: 50
  • Symbol: NIFTY
  • Time Interval (sec): NA