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Teji Mandi Ka King 2 ​

Also Known as Teji Mandi Ka King 2 in uTrade Originals,This strategy trades in Bank Nifty weekly options. This is an intraday option selling strategy which sells both Call & Put options. This strategy performs well in trending markets – either upward or downward.

Note: – Trading in this strategy should be avoided on an ‘event day’.

Factor: Intraday Directional strangle

Margin required: Rs. 500,000 for 1X multiplier

Start Time: 09:25 AM

End Time: 3:10 PM 

Execution Days: All days 

Preferable Days: Monday to Thursday

Favorable Conditions:

  • Fall in volatility (or VIX)
  • Directional Move either upwards or downwards
  • Recommended VIX : 15 to 30

Risk Factors: 

  • Rise in volatility (or VIX) 
  • No decay in premiums 
  • When market trades in both directions

Default Parameters:

  • Logs: 0,1
  • Net Loss: 9600
  • Net Profit: NA
  • Option Type: Sell Call (x3), Sell Put (x3)
  • Order Fill Price: 7
  • Order Lot Slice: 8
  • Premium Price: 150
  • Premium Range: NA
  • Stop Loss for each leg: 25%
  • Strike Depth: 30
  • Strike Diff: 20
  • Symbol: BANK NIFTY
  • Time Interval (sec): NA