uTrade Algos

uTrade Algos is a simple yet powerful Algorithmic Trading Platform that lets people with Zero coding skills to build algorithms to Plan, Strategize and Automate all their trades with an advanced order form.

You could park your excess funds into pre-built algos by industry experts and make the most out of different market scenarios using uTrade Originals

uTrade has integrated its platform with one of India’s leading brokers – Share India to ensure seamless connectivity and order execution; thus ensuring the best possible user experience for you.

To access uTrade Algos → go to https://login.utradealgos.com/auth/login and login with your ShareIndia account credentials OR create an account with us with your email id.

Quick Start

After your uTrade Algos account is activated, you can immediately start using the platform with certain restrictions. If you want a guide, you can watch this video on how to get started → Getting Started with uTrade Algos.

Using the steps mentioned would help you understand what our platform is capable of, and become a Smart Trader in no time.

Trial Period

All uTrade Algo users get a 7-day free trial to explore the Platform extensively. To make the best out of your Trial period it’s important to understand some main features of uTrade Algos. Our Video guide would breakdown all the concepts for you → check out the video guide 

Some of the Privileges you get are:

You get the free trial automatically upon account activation. Signup with uTrade Algos here: https://login.utradealgos.com/auth/login