The feature helps to calculate the margin required for the positions to be created based on the order details after deploying the strategies.

This would help you to understand how much margin needs to be blocked in your broker account for placing the orders as per the strategies you’ve created in your portfolio.

For ease of explanation, we’ll be dividing the further explanation of this feature into 3 sections:

  1. Input Block 
  2. Output block – contract wise
  3. Output block – combined 


  1. The screen is accessed from the ‘Create Portfolio’ section once the user gives the inputs of the strategies and its exit parameters for a portfolio.
    So you can create and save strategies and while reviewing also gauge the margin requirements for the strategy you’ve just created.
  2. Or you could directly access the margin calculator from the header tab and then input strategies for which you want to access the margin requirements for.

Note → The Input block comes empty by default in this navigation method and the inputs you’ll give will not be saved as a strategy or portfolio anywhere.

A. Directly accessing the Margin calculator from header tab

Steps to calculate the Margin Requirements:

  1. Select the exchange 
  2. Select the Instrument type from the dropdown
  3. Select the symbol using global search enabled dropdown. You can simply start typing the symbol name and you’ll be presented with relevant options from which you can choose.
  4. Select the desired expiry and strike price for the contract selected – from the list of available expiry and strike options for the selected contract.
  5. Specify the number of lots you’d want to trade. Notice the lot size of the symbol you’ve selected will be automatically displayed.
  6. Select the order mode by pressing the radio button for Buy or Sell
  7. Reset 
    1. In case any contracts are entered, the Reset button will remove all the details in and reset the form to default options.
    2. In case no contracts entered, but user modified the default options in the form then it resets the modified options to default
  8. Add option
    The add option will add the selection as a position to calculate the Margin.
  9. Post adding any contract → it appears in the contract wise output block wherein you can see margin requirement for the contract you’ve just added
  10. You can add multiple contracts and check their combined margin requirement in the Combined margin requirement output block 

B. Checking margin requirements while creating a strategy

On the Strategy form at the bottom you’ll see → ‘See Margin Calculator’ 

The Portfolio that you’ve created, would be prefilled in the margin calculator page and you can see contract wise, and Combined margin requirements for the same