uTrade Algos offer a simplistic yet powerful order form which comes with intuitive easy to use options, such as:  Strategy Templates for Options Strategies using which the user can deploy over 20 strategies in just a click. Along with that the user can use powerful options to make the strategy creation process smarter by using:

  • Strike Selection Option
  • Expiry type Option
  • Robust RMS checks at different strategy levels

We’ll be elaborating on this further in this section, enabling you to create and execute strategies in an efficient way.

Structure : 

  1. Portfolio framework
  2. Strategy type field
  3. Expiry Type
  4. Offset
  5. Strike selection
  6. Strategy Legs
  7. RMS
  8. Deployment options


Portfolio Framework

A strategy can be created by creating a portfolio first. Thus, a strategy will always be created under a portfolio and cannot be deployed separately.

Three level description

  • Leg Level : A single order instruction such as: Buy a call option, sell a put option and so on.
  • Strategy level : group of legs – including strategy templates
  • Portfolio level :  group of Strategies – including custom if any

Let’s get into the process and flow of creating a portfolio