Dashboard can be accessed by logging in. It is an overview of the account, which contains all the major features of the web app. 

  • It includes:
    • Portfolio tab, 
    • Books, 
    • Payoff Curve, 
    • Strategy Search and,
    • Add a new strategy button.
  • You can see an Earning section which gives you a summarized view of your cumulative earnings from your Portfolios and also available margin in your account.
  • Dashboard also shows a card view of:
    • The Portfolios that are running / you’ve created
    • Subscribe to Pre-built Algos tab

My Portfolio Section

Created : This is an archive of all the portfolios you’ve created till date

Subscribed: This is a collection of all the uTrade Original strategies that you’ve subscribed to

Deployed: All your currently deployed portfolios i.e. the ones which are running either in the live market or the forward test market

Favorites: All the portfolios that you’ve bookmarked

  • Using this tab you can monitor, manage and sort & filter all your portfolios. 
  • You can also edit portfolios created by you – by clicking on the three dots corresponding to each portfolio card
  • Mark portfolios as favorite
  • And delete portfolios as well