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Join us as we delve into the world of algorithmic trading, uncovering proven strategies and techniques to enhance your trading performance. 

Episode 1 - Master the Art of Algo Trading with Share India & uTrade Algos

Discover the ins and outs of algorithmic trading in this video. Learn about its goals, how it works, where it’s used, and how it affects different types of assets and the market. Find out why algorithmic trading masterclasses exist and get a grasp of the technology that makes it all happen.

Episode 2 - Master the Art of Algo Trading with Share India & uTrade Algos

Explore the world of algo-trading in this video, discovering its impact on markets and mobile accessibility, steps for uTrade algo usage, prerequisites for retail investors, and differences from traditional trading. Gain insights into order execution speed, regulatory requirements, and the contrast between simple and algo trading.

Episode 3 - Master the Art of Algo Trading with Share India & uTrade Algos

This video offers a comprehensive glimpse into the world of algorithmic trading followed by an insightful exploration of uTrade Algos, covering its user base, features, retail trader implementation, back-testing, strategy tips, and margin requirements.

Episode 4 - Master the Art of Algo Trading with Share India & uTrade Algos

Explore the varied applications and use-cases of algo trading. Understand the differences in algo trading approaches between big players and retail investors, funding requirements, SEBI regulations, system prompts for beginners, and the cost advantages for investors.

Episode 5 - Master the Art of Algo Trading with Share India & uTrade Algos

This video sheds light on two vital features of algo trading, preferred strategies, and its functioning across various market scenarios – bullish, bearish, stagnant, and volatile. They delve into concepts like pay-off curve and strategy execution speed, addressing its benefits for trading in options.

Algo Trading Platform Tutorials

Tutorial 1 - How to log in to uTrade algos if you are an existing user!

Whether you’re an existing customer or a privileged trader with Share India, learn how to seamlessly log in and explore the platform’s potential. Discover how to kickstart your algo trading journey with uTrade Algos in this video.

Tutorial 2 - Understanding the uTrade Algos Homepage

Access a seamless algo trading journey through the homepage’s sections: Home, My Portfolio, Books, Payoff Curve, Margin Calculator, and Index Watch, enabling smooth monitoring. Explore uTrade Originals, pause or stop strategies with Panic Control, and delve into details with a click.

Tutorial 3 - How to create a portfolio on uTrade algos

Embracing individuality, Share India values your unique requirements, risks, goals, and trading portfolio. Learn how to craft your distinct portfolio on the Share India uTrade Algos platform. Access ‘My Portfolios’ on the homepage, add strategies, customize options, set exit parameters, and deploy, while also exploring review and management options.

Tutorial 4 - What is Margin Allocation?

Margin allocation can be completed it in three simple steps. If funds are insufficient while deploying a strategy, click your profile icon, choose the Funds option, and add the desired amount through net banking or UPI, with a convenience fee. Ask questions in the comments and watch for more Share India uTrade Algos tutorials!

Tutorial 5 - How to Subscribe and Deploy uTrade Originals

In this tutorial, learn how to subscribe, deploy, and backtest the strategies, enhancing your trading insights. Subscribe, Deploy, and Backtest functionalities are explored, offering a comprehensive view into strategy performance, allowing for informed decision-making.

Tutorial 6 - Understanding Payoff Curve on uTrade algos

Enter the Payoff Curve feature of Share India uTrade Algos that offers insights into risks and rewards. Customize parameters, explore Max Profit, Max Loss, Break Even, and more for informed decision-making, enhancing your trading aptitude.

Tutorial 7 - How to upgrade your uTrade Algos plan

Customize your plan based on the number of portfolios, backtests, or deployments you need. While you can enjoy a 15-day free test drive, upgrading unlocks all features. Learn how to upgrade by clicking the plan and following the simple steps for a thrilling stock market journey.

Tutorial 8 - Steps to login in Share India and uTrade Algos as a fresh user

In the exciting journey of algo trading, Share India and uTrade Algos welcome you. Visit www.utradealgos.com or

www.shareindia.com, sign up, complete KYC verification, choose trading segments, and agree to terms to begin your algo trading journey. Subscribe for guidance and feel free to ask questions in the comment section.

Tutorial 9 - How to Backtest our Strategy on uTrade Algos

Backtesting allows you to test your strategies against historical market data. The backtesting engine provides insights into winning days, losing days, streaks, and color-coded graphs to help you identify the best-performing strategies. Simply subscribe to a strategy, click the backtest button, analyze streaks, transactions, and utilize color-coded graphs for unique insights into your strategy’s performance, enhancing your algo trading journey.

Algo Trading Strategies

Intraday directional 

Teji Mandi Ka Raja, the Intraday Directional Trading Strategy, is your key to ruling the stock market, thriving in various trends. Derived from intraday directional strangle, it excels in bank nifty’s weekly options, with conditions like falling volatility, range-bound moves, and directional shifts. Caution is advised on event days, and deploying before 9:20 am is essential, ensuring a powerful trading ally.

Stable Stride Multi-Leg

uTrade Algos introduces the ‘Conservative Option Trader Strategy’ – a Stable Stride multi-leg approach for Bank Nifty and Nifty’s weekly options. It offers stability in range-bound markets through diversified risk strategies, while being cautious in rising VIX, high volatility, or stagnant premiums.


Introducing ‘Bhramastra,’ an energizing strategy similar to uTrade Algos’ Delta Neutral approach. Crafted for Bank Nifty’s weekly options, it adapts to market shifts, engaging in call and put options, while thriving on dynamic strikes. It excels with falling VIX, range-bound shifts, and directional trends, but faces challenges with rising VIX, heightened volatility, or stagnant premiums.

Auto Straddle

In calm market settings like dip in VIX or range-bound or gradual shape movements, the ‘Shaant Bazaar Ka Raja,’ technically known as the auto straddle trading strategy, takes the stage. Designed to adapt to market shifts and premiums, it thrives on theta decay during range-bound markets, particularly suited for Nifty’s weekly options.

OI Based Strategy

uTrade Algos breaks the market’s Charkravyuha with the ‘Open Interest’ strategy for Bank Nifty’s weekly options. Adapting to Open Interest, it thrives in range-bound markets, earning from theta decay, but faces challenges with rising VIX, increased volatility, or stagnant premiums.

Auto Strangle Theta Earner Strategy or Guruvaar Ka Guru

This video delves into the Guruvar Auto Strangle Theta Earner Trading Strategy, tailor-made for bank nifty’s weekly options. Exploring range-bound markets, neutral days, and careful risk assessment, this strategy thrives on volatility shifts while steering clear of event days.

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Options trading is a realm replete with potential rewards, offering traders various strategies to capitalise on market movements. However, the complexity inherent in options demands a cautious approach. Unlike other financial instruments, options carry specific nuances such as strike prices, expiration dates, and diverse option types. Navigating this intricate market necessitates a deep comprehension of these aspects, as miscalculations can lead to significant losses. Here are seven common pitfalls to evade for successful call and put option trading.

In algorithmic trading, the importance of risk management cannot be overstated. Algo strategies, while offering speed and precision, are inherently intertwined with risks. Understanding and effectively managing these risks is paramount as it determines the success or failure of such strategies. Here, we explore the pivotal role of risk management in shaping the fate of algo trading strategies.

In trading, the validation and optimisation of strategies are pivotal for success. Backtesting, the process of testing a trading strategy using historical data, is a crucial step in this journey. While both algorithmic and manual testing methods have their merits, algo backtesting holds several advantages over manual testing. Let's find out the specific benefits of utilising algorithmic backtesting for refining trading strategies.