What will be the brokerage plan against my uTrade Algos account?

Share India offers a variety of fixed brokerage plans for uTrade Algos users, allowing you to select the one that best fits your needs. Please note that no payment is needed to be made upfront and it is automatically deducted from your trading balance. The pricing is: ₹0 AMC on Demat account for the first […]

How can I pledge my shares?

Pledging shares means using them as collateral to obtain a loan or margin for trading purposes. It involves temporarily transferring ownership of your shares to your broker while retaining beneficial ownership. This allows you to access funds based on the value of your shares without selling them outright. To pledge your shares, you can access […]

What is the total margin?

The total margin required for a trade comprises the SPAN and exposure margins. The SPAN margin is calculated based on position risk, while the exposure margin covers additional risks like extreme market movements.

What is premium receivable?

Premium receivable is the money received from writing or shorting options contracts. It represents the compensation for taking on the obligation associated with the contract, offering traders immediate income.

What is the exposure margin?

The exposure margin, also known as additional margin, is an extra margin imposed by the exchange on top of the SPAN margin in the F&O (futures and options) market. It serves as an additional buffer to cover potential losses beyond those accounted for by the SPAN margin. The exposure margin is determined by factors such […]

What is the SPAN margin?

The SPAN (standardised portfolio analysis of risk) margin is the minimum margin required to enter a trade in the F&O (futures and options) market. It’s determined by the exchange through a standardised portfolio risk analysis of F&O strategies. This margin ensures that traders have sufficient funds to cover potential losses and meet regulatory requirements.

What is SL to cost and what is the use of it?

SL to cost adjusts the stop loss level of a trade to the entry price, ensuring a risk-free trade once your contract reaches a desired profit level, as determined by you. This feature triggers when the contract achieves a net profit or loss value specified by you. If enabled alongside the trail stop loss feature, […]